Garden Boxes

Everyone asks about the Oakville Inspired Garden Boxes I made. I am putting this link up so my wife can find the pictures.

I can make one for you. They are approximately 2 ft. x 6 ft x 2 ft. high. They cost $300 each with Red Pine Sides. Price includes delivery in Cedar Lake but does not include the soil and gravel.

Photos: Boxes


It is an impressive list of materials, labor and time. You can do it yourself for less if you choose different materials.

The materials list:

15 Red Cedar Planks (6 foot 1 x 6)
5 8 ft 1x3 boards
1 lb. Deck Screws
2 pounds of weight loss

Still Dewing It

Yep, I am still drinking the Dew. I know my Countrywide compatriots thought I might give it up, but there it is cooling in the CW Cafe Mug.

Ounce for Ounce

How Much Caffeine

This is an abbreviated list of popular caffeine drinks. The full list is maintained at EnergyFiend.


Trade Namemgs in 12 ozNotes
Africola100.0Highest I have found.
Jolt71.2The first popular energy drink
Mountain Dew55.0(no caffeine in Canada)
Diet Mountain Dew55.0My Favorite
Surge51.0Coke's Lame attempt
Battery energy drink46.7 
Diet Coke45.6 
Dr. Pepper39.6 
Pepsi Cola37.2 
Diet Pepsi35.4 
7 Up0 
Source: National Soft Drink Association

Coffee, Tea, and Other Substitutes

FormatmgsServing Size
Drip115-1757 oz.
Brewed80-1357 oz.
Instant65-1007 oz.
Decaf, brewed3-47 oz.
Decaf, instant2-37 oz.
Tea, iced7012 ozs.
Tea, brewed, imported607 oz.
Tea, brewed, U.S.407 oz.
Tea, instant307 oz.
Mate25-1507 oz.
Source: Journal American Diet

Ounce for Ounce...

Mountain Dew has 4.6 mg of Caffeine per ounce. Coffee ranges from 16 - 25 mg per ounce. Tea Totallers will be surprised to learn they run at about 9 mg, or twice the caffeine of my Dew.
That's Right!

1 Mountain Dew = 1.48 Pepsi
1 Mountain Dew = 1.2 Coca-Cola
4.2 Mountain Dew = 1 Coffee

So, next time you look down your nose at my 20 oz. Morning Dew, remember you have at least 50% more caffeine in your little bitter cup than I have in my sweet, cold, delicious, refreshing Dew.

So back off the lectures about "overdoing" the caffeine!

But Jim you have 3 big cups a day!

Yes, on the average workday I have 60 ounces of Mountain Dew.

If you have 2 of the 7 ounce cups of coffee that day we are even!

Of course, if you are drinking decaffeinated coffee I question your sanity, why drink coffee if not for the caffeine?

Mountain Dew

This page is dedicated to my favorite caffeine source: Mountain Dew! I am a long time fan of Mountain Dew. I used it as an energy drink before there was an energy drink market. I mean what could be wrong with Carbonated Orange Juice with added sugar and caffeine?

Well, one thing. The sugar. After turning 30 I had to switch to Diet Mountain Dew. It was a very difficult process. I hated the taste of artificial sweeteners. I can cope with the Sucralose, but the others are just annoying to the tongue. It took a long time, but I finally made the switch. I have to bring cans of it to work because the vending machines and cafeteria only have regular Dew. Fortunately the convenience store on the way to work has Diet Dew on "tap" and I can fill up a huge cup on the way to the office "Abby Sciuto Style.”

The Abby Sciuto Page keeps moving, search for her if you want the caffeine hook.

Molecular Diagrams

Caffeine is the magic of Mountain Dew. I mean the taste is great, but it's the caffeine I want. I used to love the sugar, too. I started to get old and fat and cut back to Diet, but I still get my caffeine.

My interest in caffeine is deep. I had pages of research in the Guide for your reference. A far more extensive and better organized list is available from the EnergyFiend.

Some nice models of the marvelous molecule for you to put on your web site: Swag

"Grandpa" Jones

My favorite Caffeine source was invented by William H. Jones. Obviously I was not a loyal drinker until after Pepsi had complete control of the brand, but I would like to keep this little shrine to the man who made it possible.