Oakville Inspired

I installed some garden boxes in the yard in Year One here at 6. That garden has received many compliments from my family and friends. Mostly asking, “Did you build that?” That question gets asked with a combination of surprise that I could build such a project and the expectation that, if it is in my yard, I did build it.

Truth is it was a rather simple kit. The difficult part was leveling the ground under it and hauling the yard of dirt into it. The design and build was done for me.

The compliments came from friends and family, except my wife. While she does enjoy having a garden that provide fresh herbs, this was not the ultimate vision. She wanted more space, more height and a style to be named later.

Napa Valley Trip

In addition to cooking with the fresh garden herbs, she like wine. After years of reminding me, we finally took a trip to California Wine Country. She had millions of hotel, airline and rental car points. I thought, “Great!” this will be an almost free trip! I was very, very wrong.

She shipped cases of wine home. Cross country airfare suddenly became a pittance by comparison. I was, officially, duped.

I got over it and assembled a kit wine rack to hold her new library of rotten grape juice. I racked them up in her newly designed indexing scheme. I thought I was done.

Oakville Inspired

We stopped several times at the Oakville Grocery for lunches, water, fruit and other bits. Next to the Grocery is a showplace garden. It is a pea gravel covered lot with raised gardens in wooden boxes. She had acquired a vision.

She planned and plotted in Visio and Excel and handed me plans for her own showplace garden. We had some scraps left over from the famous Fence Saga. I designed and built some boxes. I am still destined to clear some of the yard, place the boxes, fill them with yards of fortified top soil and then drop the pea gravel between the boxes.

Photos: Garden Box Build