Arcade at Work

I felt like I was playing Q*bert in real life at work today. We were preparing briefing books for the agency that included several drawings. Each drawing was mostly a white page. Each drawing got a yellow title sheet. Eileen was turning little cubes of paper white while I tried to turn them yellow.

Fustating Kyboad

My keyboard stopped working in the middle of a document today. E and R were the worst, but the entire QWERTY row was flaky. Tried it on other machines, same result. That mean this one hits the chopping block.

After the fir whack the keycaps flew all over the place. It was explosive! The “board” part took the hit quite well, though. I flipped it over to try the second whack, but the Dell technology survived this swing as well. I see why Lizzie Borden felt 40 whacks was necessary. Two was enough fun for me.