Great Expectations

Garden Bounty

The harvest is almost done. That is the third load of tomatoes. With pepper and Scallion on top. I am chopping, bagging and freezing like Depression Era grandmother.

Full 7 Levels

Seen here ferociously guarded by a bird, the tomato plants have fulfilled there assigned destiny and filled all 7 levels of the cage. I really did not think this would happen. Now if we could just get one tomato I might feel it was worth the expense. I might.

Level 4

This is the critical level! The smaller cages stop here at Level 4. If the tomato plant gets larger than this (it will) then the taller cage was the wise investment.

Level 3

We have reached level 3. We have now passed the extension joints. Wise decision, Jim, wise despite your doubts.

Level 2

The tomato plant has reached level 2 (of 7). Maybe the cages were not so optimistic.

Great Expectations

We bought the expandable tomato cages online. In reality I think this was an optimistic choice.