Mountain Dew

This page is dedicated to my favorite caffeine source: Mountain Dew! I am a long time fan of Mountain Dew. I used it as an energy drink before there was an energy drink market. I mean what could be wrong with Carbonated Orange Juice with added sugar and caffeine?

Well, one thing. The sugar. After turning 30 I had to switch to Diet Mountain Dew. It was a very difficult process. I hated the taste of artificial sweeteners. I can cope with the Sucralose, but the others are just annoying to the tongue. It took a long time, but I finally made the switch. I have to bring cans of it to work because the vending machines and cafeteria only have regular Dew. Fortunately the convenience store on the way to work has Diet Dew on "tap" and I can fill up a huge cup on the way to the office "Abby Sciuto Style.”

The Abby Sciuto Page keeps moving, search for her if you want the caffeine hook.