Ounce for Ounce

How Much Caffeine

This is an abbreviated list of popular caffeine drinks. The full list is maintained at EnergyFiend.


Trade Namemgs in 12 ozNotes
Africola100.0Highest I have found.
Jolt71.2The first popular energy drink
Mountain Dew55.0(no caffeine in Canada)
Diet Mountain Dew55.0My Favorite
Surge51.0Coke's Lame attempt
Battery energy drink46.7 
Diet Coke45.6 
Dr. Pepper39.6 
Pepsi Cola37.2 
Diet Pepsi35.4 
7 Up0 
Source: National Soft Drink Association

Coffee, Tea, and Other Substitutes

FormatmgsServing Size
Drip115-1757 oz.
Brewed80-1357 oz.
Instant65-1007 oz.
Decaf, brewed3-47 oz.
Decaf, instant2-37 oz.
Tea, iced7012 ozs.
Tea, brewed, imported607 oz.
Tea, brewed, U.S.407 oz.
Tea, instant307 oz.
Mate25-1507 oz.
Source: Journal American Diet

Ounce for Ounce...

Mountain Dew has 4.6 mg of Caffeine per ounce. Coffee ranges from 16 - 25 mg per ounce. Tea Totallers will be surprised to learn they run at about 9 mg, or twice the caffeine of my Dew.
That's Right!

1 Mountain Dew = 1.48 Pepsi
1 Mountain Dew = 1.2 Coca-Cola
4.2 Mountain Dew = 1 Coffee

So, next time you look down your nose at my 20 oz. Morning Dew, remember you have at least 50% more caffeine in your little bitter cup than I have in my sweet, cold, delicious, refreshing Dew.

So back off the lectures about "overdoing" the caffeine!

But Jim you have 3 big cups a day!

Yes, on the average workday I have 60 ounces of Mountain Dew.

If you have 2 of the 7 ounce cups of coffee that day we are even!

Of course, if you are drinking decaffeinated coffee I question your sanity, why drink coffee if not for the caffeine?