Last Augustfest

There are very few bits of evidence surrounding this party. It lasted 16 years and left very little trace material. The move to Arizona eventually killed Karen's Augustfest party. I let the registration on the website lapse and lost the photographs. I will see if I can pull them from the back tracks of the older PC's I have in the garage. Contributions are encouraged.

Archive: Augustfest Legend

Horse Ride

Karen spent plenty of time on a horse farm when she was a girl. She complained constantly about her lapsed riding. She did decide to look up a local stable and we joined her for her return to the saddle.

Photos: Riding

Vow Renewal

Sometimes you do things because your wife asks you to do them.

Maybe the excuse to go to St. Lucia again helped. It was ten years and she wanted a vow renewal on the beach instead of a larger diamond.

Photos: St. Lucia