Pin Outs

Most arcade games have an edge connector. This is the place where the boardset meets the cabinet. The edge connection is located on the edges of the board. It is composed of several strips of metal conductors arranged so that a connector can attached the cabinet wiring to the proper conductor. Some games have multiple connection / connector pairs.

A map of the pin arrangement is called a pin out. These are very useful when trying to convert a cabinet back to an original board. Another popular use is board testing. A test rig is made to give the board everything it needs. Test rigs are often built to test most boards relying on a converter that arranges the common connection in to the right pin out for the specific board.

Click the images below to view the pin out. These pin outs are compiled by experience with original boards. I believe them to be correct and they have served as my reference for years. Variants and bootlegs exist, be warned! If you encounter a variant, bootleg or simple mistake on my pin out please advise me using the “Contact Me” link in the footer.

General Konami Pin Out
Scramble, Frogger
Galaga (bootleg) Pin Out
Universal Pin Out
Mr. Do! Series
1982 - 1984
Gyruss Pin Out
Non Standard Konami