Fixer Uppers

Obviously owning antique electronics is not without some maintenance requirements. Over the past few years I learned some tricks. I really enjoy fixing them more than playing them. A new project is just great.

Old Friends

This page is the home of restoration logs, photographs and technical information I collected while practicing this craft. The history is mostly recorded by game. Use the link at the right to read the stories that interest you.

Cedar Rock Arcade

I enjoy restoring these games. I have friends who enjoy restoring these games. We have wives who don't enjoy having a beautifully restored game in every room of the house. For this reason we established Cedar Rock Arcade to sell the final products and keep the internal arcade game count within limits.

We also learned some neat tricks in the practice of this hobby. I encourage my friends to make copies of everything. Often the raw materials needed to reproduce a part can only be found in bulk or the minimum order is several times the amount needed. We began to offer the copies for sale through the Cedar Rock Website.

Unfortunately we no longer offer our best product, the hand cut shrouds. The cost was too high. Shipping a large flat box is extremely expensive. Producing them was not cheap either. I am searching for a way to stamp a small batch, but have not been successful.