Game Story

I have long loved the phrase "Elf needs food, badly" and could not wait to hear it again. This unit was converted to a Vindicators Part II and then converted back by Doug Mandeville. I did some final cosmetics work and placed it in the game room.

It ran many dungeon crawls before I had to sell on the move back from AZ.


Technical Information


Guntlet was released in 1985 by Atari Games. The title was developed by Namco and licensed to Atari. It features a color raster display with a horizontal orientation at Standard resolution (336x240).


This game is built on the Atari Guntlet hardware platform. Common features are The Motorola 68010 CPU and 6502 Sound (SPU). The 6502 controls a yamaha YM2151 for music, Atari POKEY for Effects and TMS5220 fro speech. This platform is so similar to Atari Games’ System 1 these titles might be considered the first System 1 titles.

This title was copy protected by Evil Atari Games SLAPSTIC Chip.

Video CPUC68010L8Motorola
Audio CPU6502MOS Technologies
SpeechTMS5220CTexas Instruments
Display4900Wells Gardner
PowerSwitching Power Supply 
Copy ProtectSLAPSTICAtari Games


ActionControl4 Player2 PlayerNotes
MoveJoystick42Atari Logo
Fire / MagicButton42Black, Leaf Switch
StartButton42Black, Leaf Switch

Production Notes

The 4 player upright is by far the most common cabinet. A 2 player version was created with some modified ROMs and different SLAPSTIC protection. This would make the board difficult to swap.

The cabinet design was shared with Gauntlet II but the SLAPSTIC protection made it impossible to do a ROM swap upgrade. Vindicators, Part II was a scaled down Vindicators made as a conversion kit for Gauntlet and Gauntlet II cabinets.