Game Story

A fellow collector was losing their lease on storage and need to move a few games. I “fostered” them for a few months while suitable homes were found.

I had hopes my brother Chris would take it, but his new home in Virginia Beach is not equipped with a basement game room, so my sister decreed, “No way, José!”

I bought some bolts and screws to fill in the many missing fasteners on this game. I spent way too many hours in the freezing November garage (~30 Fahrenheit) trying to make the lights work. I found a buyer for $50 and this beast drove away.

TypeRide OnSerialunknownStatusSOLD

Technical Information


Top Skater was released in 1997 by Sega. It features a color raster display with a horizontal orientation at Medium resolution (496x384).


This game is built on the Sega Model 2 hardware platform. Common features are i960 CPU and a 68000 managing the sound.

Video CPUi960Intel
Video FPUMB86235Fujitsu
Audio CPU68000Motorola
Music CPU68000Motorola
Display50” ProjectionMitsubishi


MoveSkateboard1Sensors for left, right, kick, grab and angle

Production Notes

One in a series of Sega Model 2 sports games including: Super G, Wave Runner, Water Ski and Power Sled. These are huge games. The Monitor can be lifted off the stand, the controller platform is separate form the stand, the stand holds the CPU and the Marquee is removable.