Game Story

Big Game

I got a call from an operator who was losing his lease on an Airplane Hangar. He moved most of the games to locations. He had 4 complete games that had to go. I convinced David we should go.

They had to be the 4 biggest games I ever handled. We had 3 guys and a lift gate truck and just about made it!

Super Hang-On is cockpit or “Ride On” style cabinet. The main control is a fiberglass replica of a motorcycle. The motorcycle is in front of a short cabinet with the monitor hidden in a fiberglass faring (motorcycle wind shield).


I got a call from a friend about repairing a video game. The repair turned into a sale. That turned into a plea to get that junk out of my house. This unit was under repair for 10 years. Frustrated and in a hopeless situation with a broken monitor neck, they just wanted it gone.

We hauled it up the basement steps and down the front porch steps to the shop. The previous restore nearly broke my heart, I could not face this one. I sold it off to a restorationist in Parsippany.


Technical Information


Super Hang-On was released several times by Sega. The first release was 1987. Subsequent releases built on newer hardware were in 1989 and 1992. It features a color raster display with a Horizontal orientation at standard resolution (320 x 224).


First released on the Sega Out Run hardware platform. Driven by 2 68000 CPUs, a Z80 for Sound, YM2151 and SegaPCM.

Video CPU2 x 68000Motorola
Audio CPUZ80Zilog
DisplayK7900Wells Gardner

Released in 1989 for the Sega Mega-Tech System. This platform is similar to the Nintendo PlayChoice multi game system. Driven by a 68000 and Z80 with sounds generated on YM3438 and 2 SN76489 PCMs

Video CPU68000Motorola
Audio CPUZ80Zilog
Sounds2 x SN76489Texas Instruments
DisplayK7100Wells Gardner

Released again on the Space Harrier platform in 1992. Similar to the original this platform has 2 68000 CPUs, a Z80 for Sound, YM2151 and SegaPCM. A revision to the platform update to a YM2203 and a faster SegaPCM.

Video CPU2 x 68000Motorola
Audio CPUZ80Zilog
DisplayK7100Wells Gardner


ActionControlUprightRide OnNotes
SteerVariesHandle BarCycle BodyPotentiometer
ThrottleHandle11Rotate Right Handle
BrakePull Grip11Left Handle Mounted

Production Notes

The complicated release schedule for this game is nothing compared to the complexity of the Hang-On franchise. First was Hang-On and Hang-On Jr. Next was Super Hang-On in upright and half-cycle cabinet (lean-to-steer, stationary monitor). Then Super Hang-On for Mega-Tech followed by Limited Edition Hang-On was released in the full motorcycle lean-to-steer cabinet. Another release of Super Hang-on on Space Harrier hardware with the half-cycle cabinet. Confused yet?