Game Story

Possibly the most popular video game ever was Galaga. I am terrible at Galaga. I never really wanted it for my game room, but it is a popular game so I have restored a few in my time.

NY Haul

I bought two cabinets in a bulk buy in New York. They need work and repair but not much in the art department. They are nice, pretty cabinets that don’t work.


JAMMA’d Galaga

I had a customer that wanted a Galaga. I found one in south Jersey and grabbed it. The art was all new but the board was not reliable. When I opened the cabinet I discovered it was a Galaxian conversion. I wanted maximum reliability for this customer so we gutted it and put in a JAMMA harness with new XT power supply.


Technical Information


Galaga was released in 1981 by Midway. The title was developed by Namco and licensed to Midway. It features a color raster display with a vertical orientation at standard resolution (224x288).


This game is built on the Namco Galaga hardware platform. Common features are 3 Z80 microprocessors (Graphics, Sound and Central) and custom Namco PSG sound.

Video CPUZ80Zilog
Audio CPUPSGNamco
DisplayK4600Wells Gardner


MoveJoystick122 way, Red Ball, Short
FireButton12Red, Leaf Switch
PlayerButton22Yellow, Leaf Switch

Production Notes

Shares the “most bootlegged” status with Pong and Pac-Man.