Game Story


Q*bert was a game I was actually good at playing. I acquired this machine without side art and applied the worst reproduction side art ever offered for sale to it. This was one of my first few restorations and my naivete was running high. The unit was in my game room for years without complaint. I sold it to Rick before the Arizona move. He still has it.


Second Try

I missed Q*bert. While I was attending the Vidiot for a Day party in August a local collector mentioned he had a Q*bert project for sale. I took a look, it was not in terrible shape. I snapped it up and hauled it home. This is Q*bert #8302. It needs a Control Panel Overlay. The DIP switch bank is failing and needs repair. I have not decided if the sides are staying or getting done.

The project lingered for over a year. I sold it to someone who plans to finish it.


Technical Information


Q*bert was released in 1982 by Gottlieb. It features a color raster display with a vertical orientation at standard resolution (240x256). The title can handle up to 2 players with alternating play.


Video CPU8086Intel
Audio CPU6502MOS Technology


MoveJoystick12Rotated 45 degrees
PlayerButton22Translucent Red

Production Notes

Shortly after the Release of Q*bert, Coca-Cola bought Columbia Pictures which owned Gottlieb. The division was renamed Mylstar Entertainment. Sequel titles like Q*bert’s Qubes and FHMC Q*bert were released under the Mylstar name. Mylstar was purchased by a group interested in the pinball assets, Premier. Q*bert still belongs to Columbia Pictures.

The movement in the game is at diagonals therefore the joystick is rotated 45 degree to match the gameplay.

The cabinet features a knocker in the bottom of the cabinet. When Q*bert falls off the pyramid the knocker solenoid is fired creating a bang like he hit the floor of the cabinet.

They could never get intelligible speech from the SC-01 Chip, so Q*bert speaks gibberish. The first few cabinets produced featured a marquee with “@!#?@!” for the title. Marketing decided no one could pronounce it and had it changed to Q*bert.