Game Story

I was able to spend much of my early childhood with my grandparents. I lost my grandfather in 2006. One of the last "things" we did together was buy some games at an auction. This was one of those games. I moved to Arizona shortly after this buy and never got to restore this classic.

This one worked, except the sound. A 25” Monochrome monitor was a first for me.


Technical Information


Demolition Derby was released in 1977 by Chicago Coin. It features a monochrome raster display with a horizontal orientation. The title allows 2 players simultaneously.


ShiftShifter22Forward, Reverse
StartButton11Metal, Leaf Switch

Production Notes

There is some confusion in Arcade circles about Demolition Derby. This machine was made by Chicago Coin in 1977 and is similar to the Exidy’s Death Race game. The cabinets and screen are nearly identical. Demolition Derby has drone cars that pursue you. Death Race had people for you to run over.

There was also a Midway game released in 1984 called Demolition Derby that most collectors have actually seen.