Game Story

I just wanted to heard the Wizard again. I bought this one from Basement Arcade and played it for years. I traded it on a Joust cocktail project.


Technical Information


Wizard of Wor was released in 1982 by Midway. The title was developed by Nutting and licensed to Midway. It features a color raster display with a horizontal orientation at standard resolution (320x204).


This game is built on the Astrocade hardware platform. A Z80 CPU drives the platform with custom Astrocade sound.

Video CPUZ80Zilog
Audio CPUAstrocadeMidway
DisplayK4600Wells Gardner


MoveJoystick224 way, 2 step
FireButton21Red, Leaf Switch

The joystick have two leaf switches at each of the 4 points. A light tap would rotate the character (and gun) without moving. A full push turns and moves in that direction.

Production Notes

Almost identical hardware to Gorf and the Bally Astrocade console.