Game Story

Craig’s List Find

I am a huge Atari fan. Fast Freddie was not a common title. I found one on Craig’s List for a good price. It was listed as working.

I pulled it out of a NJ basement and loaded it on the truck. It appears to be a Euro Cab, smaller version of the US Upright. Made in Ireland.

The Monitor worked but the Flyback was cracked and arcing. We replaced the Flyback and sold it.


Technical Information


Fast Freddie was released in 1982 by Atari. The title was developed by Kaneko and licensed to Atari. It features a color raster display with a vertical orientation at standard resolution(224x256).


Fast Freddie is based on the Konami Z80 hardware platform. It has some variations.

Video CPUZ80Zilog
Audio CPUZ80Zilog
Audio PSGAY 38910General Instrument
Display4600Wells Gardner
PowerSwitcher+5 only


MoveJoystick124 way