Game Story

I rented a truck with John and we drove out to Chester, NY to buy some project machines. We came back with 21 games. When the Move to Arizona came up I had to dump this project.


Technical Information


Millipede was released in 1982 by Atari. It features a color raster display with a vertical orientation at standard resolution.


Millipede is built on the Centipede hardware platform. Common features are the 6502 CPU, POKEY sound (Millipede has 2),Standard resolution (256x240) and Atari Audio/Regulator 2 (AR-II) power.

Video CPU6502MOS Technologies
Audio CPU2 x POKEYAtari
PowerAR II-02Atari


MoveTrac Ball12Black
2 1/4” for cocktail
4” for Upright
FireButton12Black, Leaf Switch
PlayerCone22Lighted Cone, Microswitch

Production Notes

The cocktail cabinet adjusts from table height for seated situations up to Bistro height for standing room only places. The cocktail cabinet is shared with Centipede and Dig Dug. A multi game kit exists that adds Centipede to a Millipede board.