Game Story

Karen’s Game

We found this one at R & R Games in Birdsboro, PA. It worked fine until recently the monitor began to lose vertical hold. I bought a replacement Wells Gardner monitor from

This game seems to be a hit with women. This is my wife's favorite game and the only game on which she regularly holds a high score (50838). It must be a girl thing because centipede was designed by a woman.

The game play is great. The new monitor makes the playfield crisp and bright. R & R Games did a brilliant job maintaining this machine it is immaculate inside and doesn't have that smell.

This game was on the auction block for the move back east. Karen outbid the others to keep it. Nothing like using eBay to settle a domestic squabble. This is really her game.

TypeUprightSerial30288StatusGame Room


Theresa’s parents were planning a teen room in their house. Pamela was getting a strong say in the design style. Theresa wanted something that was hers. They contacted me to get a cocktail game that could fit in the room and be useful as a table.

I found a really nice one in Connecticut. They found one online for about the same price, but a little closer to me. I picked them both up and bought several new parts. Theresa got her game for the holiday. The other was traded away for a Dig Dug upright.



Technical Information


Centipede was released in 1980 by Atari. It features a color raster display with a vertical orientation at standard resolution. The title supports up to two players but only one at a time with alternating game play.


Centipede is built on the Centipede hardware platform. Common features are the 6502 CPU, POKEY sound (usually1 but some use 2),Standard resolution (256x240) and Atari Audio/Regulator 2 (AR-II) power.

Video CPU6502MOS Technologies
Audio CPU2 x POKEYAtari
PowerAR II-02Atari


MoveTrac Ball12 
FireButton12White, Leaf Switch
PlayerCone22Lighted Cone, Microswitch

Production Notes

There are two factory produced version of the side art one with a yellow glow and another with a pink glow.

Often called the first successful video game designed by a woman, Dona Bailey.

Shares the cabinet design with Dig Dug for both upright and cocktail (possibly cabaret but I have never owned one)