Game Story

A fellow collector was losing their lease on storage and need to move a few games. I “fostered” them for a few months while suitable homes were found.

I found some bolts to attach a wheel found in the storage unit. The power supply is damaged cosmetically but works, just needed to add a power cord. This needs some more work but it is functioning.


Technical Information


Cisco Heat was released in 1990 by Jaleco. It features a color raster display with a horizontal orientation. This is a single player game unless two cabinets are linked then it is a simultaneous 2 player game.


DisplayK7000Wells Gardner
PowerXT Style 150WSuzo-Happ


ActionControlUprightLinked CockpitNotes
SteerWheel12Forced Feedback
AcceleratorPedal12Button, not a potentiometer
BrakePedal12Button, not a potentiometer
StartButton12Lighted, Leaf Switch

Production Notes

Upright and cockpit cabinets were made. A dual cockpit cabinet was also available, possibly only in Japan.