Game Story

Picked up non working. Got the board repaired and it started to come to life. Cleaned and got the lights working.


Technical Information


Stargate was released in 1981 by Williams. It was developed by Vid Kidz for Williams. It features a color raster display with a horizontal orientation at Standard resolution (320×256). The title allows up to 2 players with alternating play.


This game is built on the Vid Kidz hardware platform. A Motorola 6809 central processing unit handles the graphics and gameplay, while a Motorola 6800 microprocessor handles the audio.

Video CPU6809Motorola
Audio CPU6808Motorola
Audio DACHC55516Motorola
DisplayK4600Wells Gardner


AltitudeJoystick122 way, unique to Vid Kidz titles
FireButton12White, Leaf Switch
ThrustButton12White, Leaf Switch
ReverseButton12White, Leaf Switch
HyperspaceButton12White, Leaf Switch
Smart BombButton12Green, Leaf Switch
InvisoButton12Red, Leaf Switch
StartButton22Red, Leaf Switch

Production Notes
Release in two upright cabinets and a Cocktail. One cabinet looks almost identical to the Defender cabinet, a second cabinet with higher production numbers looks more like Asteroids Deluxe

The Defender Name appears on the marquee and later ports to home consoles would call the game Defender II or Defender Stargate.