Game Story

This golf game is very popular. Several of my retail customers ask if I can get one for them. I finally had an opportunity to acquire a complete, but not working unit. This is way out of my normal area of expertise. The monitor is big, the game is running on hardware that is dedicated and more home computer. The power supply is an ATX, the PCB sports a VGA card, the graphics are on a HDD and the unit needs a bill acceptor. This will be a learning experience.

This unit is restored as a Golden Tee fore! 2004 with the 7 course pack. It is now available for Retail sale at $1000.

I updated to 2005 Complete. It now has all 26 courses.


Technical Information


Golden Tee fore! was released in 2000 by Incredible Technologies. It features a color raster display with a horizontal orientation at a selectable Standard (226x240) or Medium Resolution (512x384). This title can handle up to 4 players with alternating play. Tournament Play machines could be linked through ITNet to other machines to create tournaments.


This game is built on the GT fore hardware platform. Its is a JAMMA compatible platform. Upgrades to the game are achieve with a new Hard Drive Image and Boot ROM. Versions rom 2000 (2K) to 2005 Complete were available on this hardware. Many machines were updated each year.

Wells Gardner
Dot Matrix Display2 LineTournament Play
Cabinets Only


SwingTrac Ball11White
Fly ByButton11White
Move LeftButton11White
Move RightButton11White
Player CardCard Reader11ITNet Player ID Card

Production Notes

These cabinet had either a WG -9200 or Neotec 2701 monitor. Tournament cabinets added a Dot Matrix Display for ITNet messages. These cabinets featured two game boards the first releases had a Green Board and later machines were released on red boards. Cabinets had modems to communicate with the ITNet over a phone line.