Complete Upgrade

I found a guy that does the upgrades. I paid to have this one moved up to the 2005 Complete with 26 courses. Same Price.

For Sale

We are now offering the Golden Tee fore! 2004 for sale. I am hoping this will go to a local, retail buyer for $1000.


We placed the Dollar Acceptor, got all the locks in place, replaced the marquee and replaced the bulbs in the coin door. It is looking good.

We spliced the KorTek into the wiring harness. It had it own plug, which was weird, but it worked. We cut the plug off and attached a Molex connector to make it part of the harness. That means only one plug for the wall.

We checked the Settings and found the Free Play mode and the Medium Resolution switch. Now the video looks like a newer game. It was running the classic, low resolution this whole time. Now it looks great on screen.

Monitor Works

The picture is now stable on the monitor. I ran it for 12 hours and no ripple happened. Mike and friends were playing for an hours during the test. I played this morning as well. It looks, good but not great. I expected more from this much newer game.

No Hope

We finally received word that the original monitor for this game is beyond repair. Months after we sent it out, it can’t be fixed. Fortunately we found a suitable replacement.