Game Story

Asteroids is definitely the most popular restoration request I get. I have delivered 4 units. I would love to say it is my most restored game, but I cannot. More Gun Fight units have passed through my shop than I can to admit.

White Cabinet

Anthony from Quarter Arcade was very patient with me when I was starting to learn the proper etiquette of arcade restoration. I broke most of the rules in the beginning. I did gain some confidence and received more support from Kevin's self confidence. We threw in some money, rented a truck and hauled 8 games from Philly to Norwalk.


Asteroid Twins

I rented a truck with John and we drove out to Chester, NY to buy some project machines. We came back with 21 games. This one gave us some trouble. It needed some artwork and the board died after the burn test. I worked with Kevin to test, clean and stabilize the unit for sale.



Fourth Asteroids

This latest machine was my first Craig's List find. Moving out of the basement arcade where it was firmly entrenched proved difficult. Fortunately it was a two man expedition so everything worked out. Moving it again from Tarrytown to Denville was another exciting challenge.

This machine was bought broken and has burned a second board. It is a challenge!


Technical Information


Asteroids was released in 1979 by Atari. It features a monochrome vector display with a horizontal orientation.


Asteroids is built on the Atari 6502 hardware platform. Common features are the 6502 CPU, vector graphics and Atari Audio/Regulator.

Video CPU6502MOS Technologies
Audio CPUCustomAtari


RotateButton24Left, Right
White, Leaf Switch
FireButton12White, Leaf Switch
ThrustButton12White, Leaf Switch
HyperspaceButton12White, Leaf Switch
PlayerCone22Lighted Cone, Microswitch

Production Notes

Some asteroids cabinet were built with white sides instead of the more common black sides.