Final Tally

Acquisition200Craig’s List
AR II23John had known working board
Coin Door Parts40Mechs, Rejects, Labels and Springs
Board Repair90 
Known working board80Worked for a week then started to fail
Repaired Monitor175Worked for a week then started to fail
Repaired Monitor75Weird stretching in the middle
Big Blue15Eliminate Power Issues
Working PCB99Hoping this works
Delivery50Monitor is working, PCB is working, Lights are working, back door is repainted.

Another losing deal. I really need to charge my retail customers more to cover the monitors and boards they seem to cook.


Found the spare Asteroids boards. One is working great, the other is not. It is possible all my issues related to power might be related to this allegedly fixed board.

Monitor looks a little funny as well. I think we are sending it back to the repair guy. The astroids get larger in the middle of the screen. I tried 3 boards and all give the same larger in the middle result. Voltages are fine.

Another Monitor Repair

Another $75 in monitor repairs. the fixed monitor is installed and David’s loaner returned

Bad Penny

Like a bad penny this unit keeps returning to me. First it was a repair call to get the PCB swapped. Then it was the monitor. A third call came in and I just took it back.

I got it working and burn tested for 48 hours. Tried to schedule re-delivery and failed. Now it is out again.

I sent a monitor out for repair and that cost $175 to fix. I will swap the monitor back in and fix some other minor stuff and hope the board restarts. REally don’t want to add another PCB to this project.


Asteroids was delivered yesterday.