Just Jim Eggs

Just Jim Eggs are 2 eggs and all the veggies you didn’t eat last night. Fry them up omelet style add at least some toast, bacon if you have it!

This was standard morning fare while Jim Ridgway was here getting his daily dose of puppiness.

Good Bye, Dennis

Thanks for the engine of serious computing. Your language and portable operating system enabled generations of hardware to perform magic.

It is still so simple it takes a genius to understand it.

Good Bye, Steve

Thanks for the inspiration and tools to be a better person.

Since When? 11

© Photo copyright Apple 2011 as seen on apple.com October 5, 2011


Proof that I was doomed to be a geek. That is me at 11 years old. The graph paper, pencil and code samples were there to help me write a computer program. Yes, that is an Apple ][ personal computer. The (barely visible) image on the screen is my program executing.


Mean Pills
Apologies, apologies, apologies! I will be a mean man for the next 7-10 days. I am up to steroid treatments to knock out this pneumonia. I am told I become very mean and ill-tempered when taking Prednisone.