Running and playing in the snow was the order for the day. Happy snowy holiday to all!

Photo Album: Snow Day


After playing in the snow today, Chase assumed this position over the heat vent. He managed to catch that last sliver of sunlight as well.

Snow Suit

Do we HAVE to wear these to go outside?

King of the Hill

Kids and puppies find mounds of snow irresistible. After months without a visit from the neighbor kids, the puppies had a play session with the snowsuit set.

9 New Inches

We received a few inches of snow every day this week, today we got a 9 inch wallop. The puppies will not leave the porch! Trying to shovel a poo-path for them now.

Prediction: Mr. Cornish will smile and have a laugh at my expense when he sees this post.
Photo Album: Winter Wonders


A great Blizzard was predicted! Eight inches in the first hours than inches per hour all night. Pffft! The unpatented, unscientific, measure before you shovel meter says 7 inches here in Denville.