Trunk or Treat

The early, heavy snow storm took out our trees, power and forced Halloween festivities to be cancelled. We managed to have the annual Trunk and treating for the Cedar Lake Community the Friday after Halloween.

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Rain Stopped!

The rain stopped, the deck is dry again, Daddy is getting the cushions, time for Mommy to come home for happy hour at the lake!


Cushions are out, weather is warming, puppies waiting, time for summer at the lake!

Happy Puppy Birthday

A very cool Chihuahua (mix) birthday for the triplets. Technically it was yesterday, but Mommy just arrived , so we are celebrating today.

Cards from Linda and Bruce, cupcake cookies from Bubba Rose and Mommy back in the house will make this s good day for the puppies.

Photo Albums: Jake, Chase, Ms. Abigail

Where is Mommy?

Why did you take Mommy to the airport? Did we do something wrong? Please go get her. Now.


Running and playing in the snow was the order for the day. Happy snowy holiday to all!

Photo Album: Snow Day

Snow Suit

Do we HAVE to wear these to go outside?

King of the Hill

Kids and puppies find mounds of snow irresistible. After months without a visit from the neighbor kids, the puppies had a play session with the snowsuit set.

Bad Puppy!

Bad Jake
That is a corner of “Mommy’s” expensive, custom, matching pillows. The blur in the background is the criminal responsible trying to escape justice. To paraphrase the old saying, “Wait until your mother gets home!”