Fence Saga: Thanks

A gracious note and bottle from the neighbors (Liebig) after a long struggle to place the fence and clear the brush that troubled our border. My wife elucidated the project from the “Girl Perspective” after I became hopelessly mired in not wanting to do more work or spend the money necessary to make this project an asset to both our properties. She communicated with our eastern neighbor and reached an amicable resolution.

Fence Saga: Done!

The nice, new, level fence is done! So much drama over borders, placement, level, clearing and this is the result.

Photos: Fence

Fence Saga: Supplies

The cedar planks arrived today. The gates are being unloaded in the picture. We are finishing the grading along the fence line to achieve a level fence.

Fence Saga: Liebig Decision

Choose, but choose wisely!

Is it better to cede territory to the Liebigs and build above to the stone row. This in hope of avoiding trouble at inspection time over maximum 72” height.
Build closer to the line, 8 - 10 inches lower and be able to see over the fence (I am 73” tall).


Fence Saga: Hutchinson Compromise

So far the compromises include staying on “our side” of the Chain Link fence. One survey indicated it is on our property. Two other surveys agree it is mostly on the line.

COMPROMISE: Our new fence will be on “our” side of the property line

Fence Saga: The Clearing

We have 3 little dogs. We want to enclose the backyard so they can frolic and play. We have three legal opinions on where the property lines are laying.

Plenty of surveyor fees, arguments with the Title Company and hour of discussions with the neighbors. We are starting to clear the land and plot the fence line.