We got to play on Sunday!!!

It was painful to have to recall all the rules, we fumbled a but we managed to complete the run. In the usual style, we played until 1 in the morning, on a work night. I suffered on Monday morning!

Brian had a great time and wants to know when the next run is happening!


Don't Use Valley North American Van Lines

Well, our stuff arrived, mostly. A few things were lost in the move and we need to file claims for them. Several things were damaged in the move. They crushed our curio cabinets by placing "too heavy" things on top of them. The particle board gave way around the cams and shafts. I don't think I can repair it, just replace it.

The have the screws to assemble some of our lights. They don't know where they are, but they have them. As predicted they "lost" my hand truck so my arcade is still in the garage and I have to go buy another hand truck or wait until they find it in their warehouse.

They mashed my new work lights, again by placing something on top in a stack that was more than the top bar could bear and it began to tear out of the support pole. They took apart my nice new tool chest for some reason. then managed to bend the it in a way that prevents me from assembling it again.

They bent several floor lamps so much that the threads in the pole section stripped. So now I have wobbling lights. Some even have bent metal shades that will never return to round.

Moving In

I am moving the stuff from the apartment to the house. My car thermometer reads 116˚ and I needed a break in the air conditioning.

The Nissan Frontier doesn't fit in the garage. I will have to remove the cabinets the previous owner built in to the front of the garage so I can pull the truck in.

Getting Fat

I am getting fat again. I have no scale to check but the belly looks larger! I really have to get back on the South Beach Diet again.

I noticed that Scottsdale seems a bit more body conscious than Norwalk was. It's almost New Canaan like in it's expectation of how everyone should look.