Palladone Voluntarily Pulled

Purdue has now voluntarily pulled Palladone from the market due to an unknown interaction with alcohol. This is like watching a plane crash onto an auto wreck. Where is this stuff originating? What else can go wrong for my friends at Purdue?

Purdue Cuts Today

It's been Bloody! At least half are gone or on 90 days to gone. It's been an emotional ride. I was on IM with some survivors, some short timers and a lot of Ex-employees.

Purdue Is Falling

The news is slowly coming in about the Purdue staff reduction. Some close friends are getting hit already. This will not be pretty!

I am trying to keep in touch. I am also encouraging everyone to get LinkedIn so we can stay in touch and maybe get these folks some jobs!

Purdue Offsite

No budget for an expensive, offsite, team building session? Come to Cedar Rock

Photos: Purdue Offsite