Assist Touch Interview

Well, it was OK. The interviewer did not seem excited, but he didn't seem excitable, either. I don't really know what to expect.

The guy was from Boyertown, PA. Small world indeed!


I have a lead on an Intel job. It's a Documentum administration / implementation position. I am well qualified, but I need to get my resumé read. I have a contact and I spruced up the document for them. Let's hope!

Assist Isn't Interested

I don't know what happened, but they are not planning to extend an offer at this time. That was a fantastic waste of 3 months. Well, off to other opportunities.

Putting this with Intel's decision to seek more candidates, I am feeling a little undervalued.

DHL Employee

I am now an employee of DHL. I am no longer just a contractor. Great commute, good people, fair benefits. I have no other leads at this time and need the paycheck, I signed up.

I am trying to keep the search alive for a management position.

AssisTouch On Friday

One more time I travel to Assist Technologies for a Multiple interview. I think. They keep canceling these interviews so we will see.

Modis Interview

That went well. I don't think I will get the position for which I applied, but they have another position in mind. It was a vicious interview, three interviewers, rapid questions, kinda like the average user requirements meeting, only very short.

Interviewed with the Owners Today

I think it went well. We had lunch together at a Carlsbad Tavern. It was a fun place that I may have to visit with Karen. We talked about running development shops and owning your own business.

Direct Alliance called back to say my salary was not out of range and I was still being considered.

Intel seems to be out, though.

Assist Technologies Interview

Tomorrow is ON! Reduced from a full day of interviews to lunch with the principals, but it's on. I am stoked! (I am old enough to use the word stoked. I have a license, really)

Intel Interview Today

I have a technical telephone interview with Intel for the Documentum Job. I should be able to answer their questions easily. Here is hoping...

Interview with Modis IT Today

I got a call from Jason at Modis. THey want to do the interview today at 3:30 and that will lead to the DHL interview (I hope).

Intel Interview Went Well, I Think

The interview for the Documentum job went well, I think. Intel will be closed Monday and Tuesday so no word is expected until WEdnesday at the earliest.

DHL wants an interview next week and Direct Alliance is ready to talk on Wednesday. All good things for the Job Search.

I Have a Commute!

Well, I started at Countrywide today, commute is 35 minutes, not bad! The group is just forming, so everyone is new at this.

I miss the DHL folks already. We had a great time on Friday. Partying until 2 a. m.

So much fun, we did it again on Saturday until 3 a. m. The Devil's Martini was hopping! Everyone made it home and slept it off. So, this morning was rough.


Countrywide Mortgage

Did I mention Countrywide?

I finally got an interview for a Documentum position. At Countrywide Mortgage. It is a support position, but it has management potential and pays 30% more than my current gig.

I start Monday! Drinks at Rock Bottom for my last day at DHL. See you there.



Assist Technologies finally called. I was working with them before I left CT to get a job here in Scottsdale. They were too busy to interview me, but now they have the time. I am set for an interview tomorrow. Let's hope.