I live in Plasticville! My recycling container is in bad shape, the lid is hinged and the hinge is failing. I really was thinking about replacing it and just had not figured out who to call. It's not actually my bin, it's Scottsdale's bin. I am just using it, as is my right, as a resident and taxpayer.

Anyway the bin is broken. The driver (sanitation engineer) "noticed it was broken" probably because the lid fell off when the mechanical arm lifted it over the truck to invert it. This probably put a serious cramp in the reclamation specialist's day. He had to exit the vehicle and the delightfully cool air within to fetch the separated parts.

Now for the Plasticville moment... he had to fill out a form! The form explains in very legalese script that he noticed the container was not functioning properly! I am then duly informed that I must keep my Scottsdale issued container at the curbside for 3 days until a repair crew can visit my site, asses the damage and repair or replace the malfunctioning unit. There is a tear off section of the form which serves as the requisition for the repair crew.

The remainder of the must be affixed to the recycling container. This portion will serve as my "hall pass" for not storing my recycling bin in a timely manner! You see there are Home Owner's Association rules governing the appropriate amount of time a container may linger at curbside. If the container lingers and I do not remedy the situation, I will receive a stern warning in the mail. This gives me 10 days to rectify the situation before penalties may be applied. Apparently the City of Scottsdale can issue this nice little pass so I will not receive the warning.

Yes, that's right. Someone gets paid to drive around my neighborhood and check to see that my trashcans are properly stored. This task is so vital to real estate values that the Association Inspector must make the trip within 3 days of trash collection day and recycling day so that they would notice a pass affixed to the container. They must also receive training about the pass. This is how they would know not to mail the stern warning letter.


Recycling Update

Assuming we count the day of discovery (Friday) as Day 0, we are approaching the deadline! This message is sent at the conclusion of business day two. The notice specifically states I am required to keep the container at the curb for 2 - 3 business days.

If it is not fixed tomorrow evening I have to contact the City of Scottsdale. Then "someone will fry" for this!