Sharon Drive

New Container

So, the City Solid Waste Department has a website! I submitted a "concern" about my recycling bin yesterday. Today I received a very kind note informing me that the repair crews are quite busy, but this repair order has gone on too long and will be expedited!

When I got home I had a working container. The lid is attached and whole! It's not a new container, but it is clean and working. I am just putting trash, er, um, recyclables in it anyway.

Sharon Drive

We finally conceded I was not getting a good job until after the house purchase. With expectations reset, we looked and found a property similar to Cedar Rock. It was very close to JDA (1.7 miles) so Karen's commute was great. It was 12 years old (we never had a "used" home).

Photo Album: Moving In

House Shopping

Cedar Rock is still my favorite home. I will miss that place. We lived in a one bedroom apartment for a few months this year. I had forgotten the amount and kind of noises I had grown accustomed to hearing in my apartment years. We quickly decided we needed a place without neighbors above or below us.

Great decision to buy a house. Painful process this time. I had no job and therefore no income. We looked for a while in Fountain Hills at properties that were much nicer than Cedar Rock. We should have been able to afford them on our old combined salary, but I was not able to keep that bargain.

Photo Album: MLS and Shopping