Family Quality Time


Karen had a big birthday this year. I managed to get 40 people to call her on the date. She has friends all over the world, so scheduling was the key. She got calls from a dozen states, London, Singapore and somewhere off the coast of Brunei.

We followed that up with a surprise party at Linda’s.

Photos: 40

Kyle 21

We went to NYC to catch a show, the sights and some beers for Kyle's 21st birthday. When we noticed the date sign we had to have the birthday shot.

Indepenence Day

Independence Day is a big “thing” for the Melcher clan. My Dad was born the fifth, so there is always a combined birthday party. Chris loves to shoot the works, so there is no shortage of noise and flash. We always catch the neighbors’ attention.

Photos: July 4


Caleb is a reality! He was born Last night (June 19th) at 10:30.

8 pounds, 8 ounces, 22 inches. I tried to “be there” for this birth, but Kim took her sweet time and I had to go back to work.

Photos: Caleb


My nephew graduated, got a job and even got his own territory. He lives in Birmingham, AL now. He misses being near friends and family, but he seems to be fitting in the local scene just fine.

Video of Brett at a local charity ball placed here in the original post was taken down by the local news station because it was no longer new.


I don’t even recall the reason for the trip, maybe it was Easter? I encountered the imaginings of my 4 year old nephew. I was presented with a Crossword Puzzle book, but told it was a treasure map. The book was taken from me at (foam, toy) sword-point and he ran around the house looking for the treasure. I “took up arms” with another foam sword and we had a few epic battles.

Photos: Pirate Treasure

It's a Caleb

My sister Kim called to share the "pending" baby's name and sex. It will be a boy named Caleb Carlance. Damien was first Caleb is second. I guess the next name will start with "B" and than an Aaron, maybe? Then they will have to stop or go with Zephram.