Blue Water

I love the fact that our office building is surrounded by park land and has a lake with a fountain. I just wish it wasn't tidy bowl blue. I am not sure if this is just a Jersey thing or what, but it is BLUE!

The 2 Party System

It is good to be back! We were invited to a major summer bash at the Reid's. When Kevin plans anything it is always well executed. His parties are full of great food, great alcohol and great people. It doesn't hurt that he is employed by an alcohol distribution company, so the "product knowledge" is a part of his life.

The party started at 4. We tasted wine as we were schooled by sommeliers. We sampled "Napa Style" appetizers. My wife contributed a Seafood Salad over Avocado dish that received rave reviews. She met a fellow "foodie" and they talked menus, ingredients and best food-gasms all night. He contributed an excellent Strawberry and Goat Cheese dip that got rave reviews.

Kevin smoked a whole tenderloin for about 2 hours and served it up sliced. I can only say "Wow!" I believe this dish will be making an appearance at my summer parties from this day hence.

After a full 8 hours of drinking, the party wound down. I gathered up the plates and glasses I loaned to the "effort" and packed the truck. We left the Reids and those who could not drive at about 1. I called up Chuck and Ivone to see if her 41st birthday party was still in swing and it was!

So off to party 2 of the evening. Ivone had excellent ribs and some Brazilian salad that I scarfed down. I also wrangled some much needed Guarana' soda to keep the party going. We chatted for a few moments with her co-workers. Crazy men DROVE up from Brooklyn! Most of the wise party goers took the train. My wife was definitely enjoying the company. Ivone and her co-workers are trainers and massage therapists. Mrs. C missed an opportunity!


My repatriation from the Arizona desert leads me to a greater appreciation of the lush greens of the north east landscape. This is the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. It is taken from Karen's new cell phone. Sorry for the blurry image, the speed of the vehicle exceeds the speed of the shutter.


Spring crept over the concrete wall in Tarrytown. I often send shocking photographs of snow and thermometers reading 17 to my Arizona friend where it is 117 and 7% humidity. This album is dedicated tot he other side. Sun, green and every color you could want to see.

Photos: Spring

Proper Commute

When the traffic is over there an your side is clear, you have chosen your commute wisely!

Race Fuel

We are watching the race at Las Vegas. My wife created her newest flavor of chili. Yes, that is Yuengling Lager in an official glass!

Winter Wonderland

We definitely had the Winter Wonderland look yesterday. It was a beautiful drive to work. The "heat of the day" took it all away, though.

Asteroids project and 215 makes me happy.


Tarrytown was a great place to land. All the Sleepy Hollow mystique, the proximity to NYC and the access to the Hudson make it a great place to spend time.

Photos: Tarrytown
Photos: St. Patrick’s Day
Photos: Fluffy Snow