Blue Water

I love the fact that our office building is surrounded by park land and has a lake with a fountain. I just wish it wasn't tidy bowl blue. I am not sure if this is just a Jersey thing or what, but it is BLUE!


My repatriation from the Arizona desert leads me to a greater appreciation of the lush greens of the north east landscape. This is the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. It is taken from Karen's new cell phone. Sorry for the blurry image, the speed of the vehicle exceeds the speed of the shutter.

Heavy with Dew

A slow, soaking, sixteen hour rain filled the flowers. These dogwoods are heavy with accumulated rain. The entry to work looks more like a set for a Lord of the Rings movie.

June Visit

Charlie and Shannon are planning a trip to see the Yankees before this stadium is history. Hey Charlie, we have the grass ready for you!

Of course you will be cheering toward the fake stuff, but we still have lawns for you to see, smell and feel.

Come On, Pelican!

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Tarrytown cleans up its act by sweeping the parking lot that is my neighbor. Fortunately Monday and Wednesday night are not heavy drinking nights for me. I am sure this is not the pelican Tony Montana was cheering on, but I still hear the words.

Every Tuesday morning,
while the Pelican waits for the cars to clear out of the parking lot,
I walk to my truck and repeat the refrain:
"Come on, pelican!"

Once the operator actually heard me and just smiled knowingly. He probably says the refrain every morning.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has happened again! In my favorite corner of the world winter seems to last forever. Then, when you are sure it will not end, fruit trees turn to flower and you remember why you lived through winter's bleak second half.

I had to take some time at lunch and just sit under the canopy. It could not be helped.

Proper Commute

When the traffic is over there an your side is clear, you have chosen your commute wisely!

Snow Day

Here it is, your moment of Zen:
YouTube: Snow Day

Travel 10g

My expense report from December was rejected.  Our company adopted some changes to the travel expense form and I missed the mark with my last submission.
The report was sent back to me with a small Post-It ™ Note attached:

“Purpose of Trip” is a new field on the form which is required.  I missed that step.  Shame on me.
What the heck is travel 10g?  Is this a new product from Oracle?  Possibly Oracle 10g for Mobile devices?  I am sure Kim intended to write “log” after “travel” but the short “l” and tall “O” led my eyes to read 10g.
Is it my consumption of too much Oracle Kool Aid or do you see one, zero, and either a “g” or “q”  before the “+” sign?


Saw this and could not resist!

Winter Wonderland

We definitely had the Winter Wonderland look yesterday. It was a beautiful drive to work. The "heat of the day" took it all away, though.

Asteroids project and 215 makes me happy.

Humidity as Fog

This one goes out to the AZ crowd...

On a clear (AZ Style) day you can see across the parking lot. There is a street light, telephone pole and a building on a hill. When the morning fog has not "burned off," though...

There is too much water in the air!

Yule Tide Receeding

The holiday is over and it was back to work for me. I was glad to have the generous time off over the holidays. We put up a tree for the first time in years. It really "felt" like a holiday should feel with the snow, cold, lights and trees. I really missed trees. I have to regain control of the camera from my wife, then I can post the holiday nuggets!

BTW got my iLife '08 upgrade and I really like it. My iPhoto is much faster. Still wish they would do multiple Library support or nested albums. I need my albums for integration to the web publisher, but I don't need to see them every time.


Tarrytown was a great place to land. All the Sleepy Hollow mystique, the proximity to NYC and the access to the Hudson make it a great place to spend time.

Photos: Tarrytown
Photos: St. Patrick’s Day
Photos: Fluffy Snow