Come On, Pelican!

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Tarrytown cleans up its act by sweeping the parking lot that is my neighbor. Fortunately Monday and Wednesday night are not heavy drinking nights for me. I am sure this is not the pelican Tony Montana was cheering on, but I still hear the words.

Every Tuesday morning,
while the Pelican waits for the cars to clear out of the parking lot,
I walk to my truck and repeat the refrain:
"Come on, pelican!"

Once the operator actually heard me and just smiled knowingly. He probably says the refrain every morning.

Smacked Again

I got hit from behind, again! The driver of a white minivan was distracted and failed to stop for the line of traffic stalled cars. She hit a Crown Victoria cab with enough speed to push it into my bumper. I am not hurt, but will need to make a claim on my nice new NYS insurance. This is the second bumper another driver will buy for me. I have to hand it to Honda, both times I heard the crash and felt a small goose, but was not injured. I am not fond of the $1200 price tag that accompanies these little trips to the adjuster and body shop, but the last time was paid in full rather quickly.


My repatriation from the Arizona desert leads me to a greater appreciation of the lush greens of the north east landscape. This is the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. It is taken from Karen's new cell phone. Sorry for the blurry image, the speed of the vehicle exceeds the speed of the shutter.

Race Fuel

We are watching the race at Las Vegas. My wife created her newest flavor of chili. Yes, that is Yuengling Lager in an official glass!

Winter Wonderland

We definitely had the Winter Wonderland look yesterday. It was a beautiful drive to work. The "heat of the day" took it all away, though.

Asteroids project and 215 makes me happy.

Proper Commute

When the traffic is over there an your side is clear, you have chosen your commute wisely!