Spring Has Sprung

Spring has happened again! In my favorite corner of the world winter seems to last forever. Then, when you are sure it will not end, fruit trees turn to flower and you remember why you lived through winter's bleak second half.

I had to take some time at lunch and just sit under the canopy. It could not be helped.

Smacked Again

I got hit from behind, again! The driver of a white minivan was distracted and failed to stop for the line of traffic stalled cars. She hit a Crown Victoria cab with enough speed to push it into my bumper. I am not hurt, but will need to make a claim on my nice new NYS insurance. This is the second bumper another driver will buy for me. I have to hand it to Honda, both times I heard the crash and felt a small goose, but was not injured. I am not fond of the $1200 price tag that accompanies these little trips to the adjuster and body shop, but the last time was paid in full rather quickly.