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This section is dedicated to the electron directors, wood shapers, paint swirlers, power diagnosticians and “Jacks” who master none of these pursuits. These pages focus on the components, parts and specifics of the restored games.

Pin Outs

Most arcade games have an edge connector. This is the place where the boardset meets the cabinet. The edge connection is located on the edges of the board. It is composed of several strips of metal conductors arranged so that a connector can attached the cabinet wiring to the proper conductor. Some games have multiple connection / connector pairs. A map of the pin arrangement is called a pin out.

Grid: Pin Outs


When restoring games I try to take time to document the common elements of this addiction. I mash together some images, text and grids of data to add clarity to a dead skill. I have never achieved a BSEE or equivalent. These walkthroughs are just my notes on my experiences. I apologize for informal terminology and any errors in my logic.

Atari Regulator Audio (AR-II) board
Hacked Pac-Man
Midway Gun Fight Control
Taito Auxiliary Power Supply (TAPS)
Plastic Restoration (Instruction Card) and (Bezel)
Security Key (RANT)
Skee Ball BallCounter Display

The most important part of any video game is the video. Sound pulls us in. Controls let us manipulate the video. The Video is the thing! Monitors, screens, tubes, whatever you call them the most important part is the video screen. They are entire systems onto themselves.

Monitor Talk

Parts Porn

Quick! Tell her you are looking at porno, at least you will laugh. She may call for psychiatric help, though. The library has grown to the point of needing classification. The list below groups the Parts by function on the cabinet.

Bezels (monitor artwork)
Side art
Kick Plates


If you are going to walk the walk, you should talk the talk.

Terms: Cabinet Types
Terms: Personality Disorders
Terms: Jargon


We all encounter something out there that makes us think, “WTF!” This section posts photos, essays or whatever I can manage for the purpose of documenting the weird edges.

Whatsit: #1
Whatsit: #2