Intro to Blue Man Group

I like the Blue Man Group. I like the physical approach to music. I love the multimedia event that is the show. I actually like the music. I am fascinated by the PVC instruments, Drumbone, Chapman Stick and the sheer force of heavy rhythm from the massive and numerous drums.

Seeing them live is overwhelming. Light, color, illusions, messaging, satire and a poncho section is what it takes to entertain me.

Without all the associated light and magic I think something is lost just listening to the music. I still like it, but the "Men" and the critics seem to think the albums need more "approachable" elements.

The raw stuff is best illustrated by:

To make it approachable the producers add a voice to sing the words that the audience normally sings as they recognize the chords of a song like
White Rabbit

Not that all Blue Man acts are without words, but the audience is usually prompted to participate by a monotone, almost synthetic voice:
Time To Start

Did I remember to warn every reader this would be an Odd Trip into Music?