October, Finally

Monday it was still summer. Highs in the 80's, A/C running, shorts, the whole deal.

Tuesday it rained. Biblicly. About 50 hours sometimes with rates of 6 inches per hour. My boss got flooded Thursday night. She has 2 feet of water in the basement. Her neighbor's cars are in it to the steering wheel.

Now it is Autumn. Highs in the 60's, heater running, sweaters, the whole deal. My squirrels warned me.

Mac Scare 2

My iMac "ate" a second PMU. So the repair delayed my subtext relaunch a few days.

Good Points:
* Apple knows about the problem with the G5 iMac PMU. This makes "negotiating" a repair a simple matter (unlike Icke's nightmare with Apple Support)
* Parts are readily available
* The turn around is < 4 days
* No charge (Manufacturer's defect)

Bad points:
* They on last about 18-25 months
* 3 days, no Mac (withdrawal)
* Have to walk past the nice new black and aluminum iMacs and NOT buy one

Hang the Witch?

From Burning to Hanging, New England has never been kind to witches.

Halloween is upon us in South Sleepy Hollow. The parade was Sunday Night and included a street party with DJ! We were dancing on Main Street. I swear Halloween is bigger than Christmas.

The light posts are decorated with Jack O'Lanterns and ghosts and witches (as above). The air is finally right for October and tomorrow the kids come ringing.


Why the heck would anybody need mirror heaters?

I need them. Without them I would not be able to drive on days like today. My view of the other lanes would be similar to my view out the windshield before that Defroster kicks in.

I enjoyed my ass, errr, ummm, seat heater, too!

The Mythic

Perhaps more often in October, but Tarrytown has it's fantastic side. That is a castle on the hill. This view is from the Tappan Zee bridge on a sunny rush hour. Lyndhurst is down below closer to the Hudson

Our high school is Sleepy Hollow and their mascot is the Horseman.

I have often lived in places where Halloween is "bigger than Christmas" and feel very comfortable here.

Web Site: Lyndhurst
Web Site: Caroll Castle
Web Site: The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze
Web Site: Legend Weekends @ Philipsburg Manor


December Snow has fallen. Just a few inches now, but it is still coming down. I made the first pass with the shovel, but I expect I will need another before 4:00.

Time for a snowball fight!

Home (for Now)

Built in 1898, the quaint accommodations for this year are just off the municipal parking lot. The address is Washington Street, but I am behind another (newer) home. Downtown is across the parking lot. Stumbling home after a great night on the town will not involve driving!

First Snow

As much of a pain as shoveling and ice avoidance can be, I really missed snow, too.

Photo Album: First Snow Tarrytown, NY November 2007