October, Finally

Monday it was still summer. Highs in the 80's, A/C running, shorts, the whole deal.

Tuesday it rained. Biblicly. About 50 hours sometimes with rates of 6 inches per hour. My boss got flooded Thursday night. She has 2 feet of water in the basement. Her neighbor's cars are in it to the steering wheel.

Now it is Autumn. Highs in the 60's, heater running, sweaters, the whole deal. My squirrels warned me.

First Snow

As much of a pain as shoveling and ice avoidance can be, I really missed snow, too.

Photo Album: First Snow Tarrytown, NY November 2007

Fall Foliage

I really missed trees in the desert. I enjoyed and photographed several trees in full leaf drop.

Photo Album: Fall Foliage New England November 2007