Family Quality Time


By the Christmas season we were in full Family Quality Time mode. After a few years in the desert we had a debt to repay.

Photo Album: Christmas Reading, PA December 2007

I is PHr33kin Ur AXess

My sister was sporting her Cyber Blue Hair while shopping online. I tried to scam her access but I was busted before she auth'd. She even has the keyboard hidden under the desk to avoid the prying eyes.

Yep, most of the family is geek now. It used to be just me with the 99/4a and C64 playing Seven cities of Gold and coding BASIC like it mattered. Now I have 2 geeky Brothers by marriage. So there it is, my sister with Cyber Hair hacking coupons off the net with my father's rig. Nice.

After Turkey

Well, the holiday at home is over. Pictures are still on the camera.


Turkey Day

We had a "just us" Turkey Day last year. This year was full on Family Quality Time!

Photo Album: Thanksgiving Reading, PA November 2007


My mother turned 60. She wanted to go on a cruise. We joined her for our first cruise.

Photo Album: Cruise, August 2007


One of the few benefits of our desert exile was Karen's MBA. Karen graduated from Arizona State University's W. P. Carey Executive M. B. A. program.

We took some pictures at Graduation.

Photos: Graduation Tempe, AZ May 2007