Lyrical Celebration

My Christ-Crazed, Umlaut-having, SNOTtsdale-defining neighbors are moving today! I am moved... to song!

PARENTAL WARNING: These lyrics contain sarcasm, religious intolerance and a general disdain for Home Owner's Associations, Conservative Christians Groups and other forms of proselytizing. Sing at your own risk of eternal damnation and Hell fire!

Jesus loves them this I know
Zealous Christians told me so
To their church I must belong
Well I guess I proved them wrong

Yes! Jesus loves them
Yes! Jesus loves them
Yes! Jesus loves them
Zealous Christians told me so

Little Ones they now have four
Sell their cookies at my door
Said they want a bigger yard
New neighbors should be on guard


Teddy's barking at your gate
Hope you were not up too late
Tennis balls and rackets soon
Fill your yard all afternoon.


Debbie has a business plan
In your hand her card she crams
Baskets, flowers, plastic bins
Depends upon, "whatever's in!"


Speeding signs and safety cones
Soon will block your way back home
Who has moved in 'cross the street
Fam'ly from their church they meet


Thursday night the cars all park
'Round their house 'til after dark
Bible Thumpin' is the sound
You will hear them as they pound


Recyclin' goes out to the curb
Herr Sören this will disturb
Bottles, cans of sinful drinks
His look for you, it is distinct


Better have the bin back soon
Well before the stroke of noon
If he notes a small delay
Notifies that H O A


Social skills are weak and wrong
On this block they didn't belong
Hindus, Jews and atheists
None of us they'll ever miss

MIDI: Musical Accompaniment

At the Trocadero in Philly

Sometimes you like a song because you get the inside jokes. This is that song. I missed Nerf Herder when I was in and around Philadelphia music. Much later when they scored the Buffy title track I found this nugget. It is a little sad because I miss much of this stuff. I am also surprised I didn't "get into" a band with my sense of humor and Star Wars references in the band name.

Music: New Jersey Girl

I have been to the Trocadero
I know who the Bloodhounds are
I know people from Cherry Hill, some are even girls
I know precisely how cool wicked awesome was.
I know Kenneth Keith Kallenbach can blow smoke through his eyes
I had many Yuenglings probably a few at the Troc
I have called some people Fuckwad

Now you get all the inside jokes, too. Here are some more tracks with more references you can track on your own.

Mr. Spock

She's a Sleestak

Blue Man Group

We got out to see the Blue Man Group while we were in Las Vegas. I love the experience and physical sound. Just being in the room with drums that large you can feel the music. The light play and humor also appeal to me.

Here is a track to enjoy.
Track: Rods and Cones

Mountain Dew Page - RELAUNCH

My long lust for the yellow green elixir of caffeine power is immortalized on the Mountain Dew Page. The page is older than 3 of my website management tools and keeps getting lost in translation. I restored the page and included it in the current management solution. Hopefully I can make it seamless if i ever change again.

To accompany my morning fill up on 32 ozs. of Diet Dew I listen to a little traveling music:
Mountain Dew

Sympathy for AG3

Another Gore in the new as he gets stopped and they find "the herb" and other pharmaceuticals in his car. He does not have a prescription for any of them.

Here is a tune that Al Gore 3 needs to learn quickly:

Song: Bong Song

Notes: Sublime (Brad Nowell), "The Bong Song”

Intro to Blue Man Group

I like the Blue Man Group. I like the physical approach to music. I love the multimedia event that is the show. I actually like the music. I am fascinated by the PVC instruments, Drumbone, Chapman Stick and the sheer force of heavy rhythm from the massive and numerous drums.

Seeing them live is overwhelming. Light, color, illusions, messaging, satire and a poncho section is what it takes to entertain me.

Without all the associated light and magic I think something is lost just listening to the music. I still like it, but the "Men" and the critics seem to think the albums need more "approachable" elements.

The raw stuff is best illustrated by:

To make it approachable the producers add a voice to sing the words that the audience normally sings as they recognize the chords of a song like
White Rabbit

Not that all Blue Man acts are without words, but the audience is usually prompted to participate by a monotone, almost synthetic voice:
Time To Start

Did I remember to warn every reader this would be an Odd Trip into Music?


I recently had an opportunity to reclaim my iPod. I bought one for her, but it got stolen in Jamaica. So the last few flights, work outs, bike rides she has taken mine. Not a problem, except "I have terrible taste in music."

That means I have to dump my playlists and drop her all encompassing library of every song she every actually auditions on the iPod. Well, travel and bike rides are becoming sparse so I reclaimed it. I put my collection of short lists on the iPod.

I do have an odd taste in music. Now you all get to share the madness:

Kill The Wabbit

WPLJ put this nugget on the air years ago. I just never could let it go. I chuckle every time.

And just to remind Pete I hate Bruce: I'm On Fire