Sympathy for AG3

Another Gore in the new as he gets stopped and they find "the herb" and other pharmaceuticals in his car. He does not have a prescription for any of them.

Here is a tune that Al Gore 3 needs to learn quickly:

Song: Bong Song

Notes: Sublime (Brad Nowell), "The Bong Song”

Speak Now?

Looks like my mother got to a sign maker. Actually this is a language school in the mostly Brazilian neighborhood in Danbury, CT. For a country renowned for tiny bikinis, these folks know how to eat! One of the joys of my long drives to the Danbury factory are the lunches. There is a local lunch spot on the WCSU campus that makes a burger to put Fatburger to shame! Egg, Bacon, Sauces, Wow!

Everyone feeling the cold here in New England can wish Chuck a Merry Christmas. He and his wife are travelling to Brazil to spend some time with her family. The exact quote was...

"I will be spending Christmas in shorts and SPF-50."