First Storm

The first snow storm of the season is threatening. The company sent us home at noon to cut the risk to employee safety. It started this morning with really small hail. The morning commute was clean and clear but the clouds were looming. By 11 it was coming down fast.

New England is ready for this stuff. The wipers are "up." The plows were already on it when I hit the road. The commute was slow but easy.

Hey, what's outside your window?

Hang the Witch?

From Burning to Hanging, New England has never been kind to witches.

Halloween is upon us in South Sleepy Hollow. The parade was Sunday Night and included a street party with DJ! We were dancing on Main Street. I swear Halloween is bigger than Christmas.

The light posts are decorated with Jack O'Lanterns and ghosts and witches (as above). The air is finally right for October and tomorrow the kids come ringing.


Why the heck would anybody need mirror heaters?

I need them. Without them I would not be able to drive on days like today. My view of the other lanes would be similar to my view out the windshield before that Defroster kicks in.

I enjoyed my ass, errr, ummm, seat heater, too!

The Mythic

Perhaps more often in October, but Tarrytown has it's fantastic side. That is a castle on the hill. This view is from the Tappan Zee bridge on a sunny rush hour. Lyndhurst is down below closer to the Hudson

Our high school is Sleepy Hollow and their mascot is the Horseman.

I have often lived in places where Halloween is "bigger than Christmas" and feel very comfortable here.

Web Site: Lyndhurst
Web Site: Caroll Castle
Web Site: The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze
Web Site: Legend Weekends @ Philipsburg Manor


December Snow has fallen. Just a few inches now, but it is still coming down. I made the first pass with the shovel, but I expect I will need another before 4:00.

Time for a snowball fight!

Catch and Release

The only thing finer than spotting a supercar on the highway...

is putting it in your mirrors!

Unless of course it is snapping the pictures for Charlie, that is fine, too!

Charlie, have Pip send me a message. I got tons of pictures. He can creatively caption them and get some posting on that bLog!

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Mist Mountain

This is not a scene from Independence Day, this is New England living! The highway follows a river and this morning the sun had started "burning off" the morning dew. The river is always the last to give up the dew, so there it is, a hill apparently floating on the mist.

I know Charlie* likes his sunsets, but even he has some river shots. I just can't stray too far from a river. Something in me need to know the water is there.
* A link to Charlie’s sunset page was here, but the site has met its final sunset since this posting.


In an effort to maintain the posting habits of Mr. Charles Cornish, I took this photograph of my new home in Tarrytown, NY Charlie Style! That is Tarrytown on the Eastern shore of the Hudson River. The river is 3 miles wide here and was considered an inland sea by the Dutch settlers.

That is three lanes of traffic in my mirror. The blur in the Jersey barriers should indicate ~ 65 miles per hour. While taking a photograph.

Winter Stock

Someone did well for themselves. That's 3 deer all with nice racks! OK All my Arizona readers just vomited in near vegan reaction. The more "country bred" reader will appreciate the amount of food that just drove by me.


My mother turned 60. She wanted to go on a cruise. We joined her for our first cruise.

Photo Album: Cruise, August 2007

First Snow

As much of a pain as shoveling and ice avoidance can be, I really missed snow, too.

Photo Album: First Snow Tarrytown, NY November 2007

Fall Foliage

I really missed trees in the desert. I enjoyed and photographed several trees in full leaf drop.

Photo Album: Fall Foliage New England November 2007