That Thing Got A Hemi?

We caught John Reap and 4 finalists from Last Comic Standing last night. It was good to get out and have some adult fun. We went to the "fancy" Italian place for dinner. We listened to a few hours of comedy. Finished off at the late night bar and wrapped it up. Not bad for a work night!

In case you were counting (Charlie) it was:

1 bottle of Chianti
5 glasses House Red
3 Amstel Lights
2 Franziskaner

for 2 drinkers.

No driving required!


One of the few benefits of our desert exile was Karen's MBA. Karen graduated from Arizona State University's W. P. Carey Executive M. B. A. program.

We took some pictures at Graduation.

Photos: Graduation Tempe, AZ May 2007

Subway 500

Karen has gone completely NASCARazy since Jason Jones introduced her to the sport. We went to our third race this year. Her favorite driver even won the race.

Photo Album: Subway 500 Phoenix (Avondale), AZ April 2007

Calla Lillies

This morning, while we prepared for the day, my wife exclaimed, "calla lilies!"

I am not sure why calla lilies were the top solution on her very busy brain, but we needed calla lilies for the basket above the bathroom cabinet. It was not the big business problems that would face her in less than an hour. It was not the papers, case studies and other projects needed to obtain a Master's degree. It was the emptiness in the basket above our heads.

Man Rule:

1. There are two kinds of flowers in the flower shop: roses and bunches.

What the hell is a calla lily?

We discussed the "other" flowers that I might find at flower shop. She mentioned Orchids, which I knew by name and price tag.

"Three! Three magnificent types of flowers! Ha, Ha Ha, Ha!"