At the Trocadero in Philly

Sometimes you like a song because you get the inside jokes. This is that song. I missed Nerf Herder when I was in and around Philadelphia music. Much later when they scored the Buffy title track I found this nugget. It is a little sad because I miss much of this stuff. I am also surprised I didn't "get into" a band with my sense of humor and Star Wars references in the band name.

Music: New Jersey Girl

I have been to the Trocadero
I know who the Bloodhounds are
I know people from Cherry Hill, some are even girls
I know precisely how cool wicked awesome was.
I know Kenneth Keith Kallenbach can blow smoke through his eyes
I had many Yuenglings probably a few at the Troc
I have called some people Fuckwad

Now you get all the inside jokes, too. Here are some more tracks with more references you can track on your own.

Mr. Spock

She's a Sleestak