Gun for PS2

After performing more recovery work on I needed a break. I bought a game called Gun for my PS2. I bought it months ago, but just now got around to playing. I must reiterate I suck at video games. I love them, but I suck. My favorites have always been the King's Quest, Seven Cities of Gold, Age of Empires, Sim City and other slow paced simulation or world exploring games.

The only First Person Shooter Type games I liked were the LucasArts Star Wars games Like Dark Forces and Bounty Hunter. I liked gun for the same reasons. The world to explore is nicely detailed. There is plenty of opportunity to just go looking. They have side missions to give it some game value, but I just rode around and looked!

The setting is the 1880's Western United States. They are not specific, but the rock colors, mesas, and dusty trails indicate Southwest high desert. Like I said, I just rode around and looked for a while.

I took the easy setting on the Difficulty Level. One, because I suck at video games and because I hoped to learn on the first few chapters. No trouble there! The first few chapters are just lessons on how to ride, how to shoot, what is hostile and what is friendly. I liked this about the Bounty Hunter game also. Not to knock Nintendo Famicon games, but they tended to be more complex than Pac-man, but they never took the time to show you how to play.

I am not expecting every answer to be given to me, I do enjoy discovery. I just get the distinct impression from some games that I need to buy a companion book or I should just know how to do things because I should have already played 50 other titles with the same engine. I like the lesson chapters, because they explain things about the controls or things the character would know because they live there and then.

Well, the ultimate endorsement: I started playing at 7 and didn't stop until 1:30 a. m.

I like the game!